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You've already got the 40-part PDF modules. In this Upgrade package you get 40 videos to them all.

According to the Cone of Learning, we remember 50% of everything we SEE and HEAR. That's 5X times better than someone just reading (it's no wonder why videos are growing increasingly popular!)

Private Label & Resale Rights Opportunity

Again, you have 3 options to choose from:

Personal Use - ideal if you prefer to learn how to build your online business watching these videos with the PDF courses you have.

Resale Rights - if you want to resell the product as it is, and keep all the sales you make, then this option is perfect for you.

Private Label Rights (PLR) - you can resell AND also rebrand the videos. Put your name as the author, edit the contents, watermark the videos, and even repackage as your own product!

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